Stratadrome Driveway Dromes are affordable back stop wall systems designed for home use. The Driveway System is incredibly fast and easy to set up and take down kids of all ages can handle the task. Driveway Drome are made of the exact same parts as our full sized systems so they can be easily added to at any time.


  • Driveway Dromes help save expensive repairs to garage doors

  • Helps ensure safety - Used at the end of the driveway Driveway Dromes helps to stop pucks and balls from entering busy streets

  • Driveway Dromes can be used behind two goals for league practice

  • The DR-6 Driveway Drome is perfect for closing off cul-de-sac openings while still easily moved to allow traffic through (Players should obtain city or local permissions first)

  • Driveway Dromes can be added to at any time to create custom configurations to satisfy you specific needs or help your rink grow as needed

  • Driveway Dromes set up in less than 10 minutes without tools!

  • Minimal storage space needed:

    • The DR-3 Driveway Drome folds down to 84" x 22" x 9" 

    • The DR-6 Driveway Drome folds down to 84" x 22" x 18"

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