Stratadrome's Type-I Dromes are a great choice for inline hockey.  Stratadrome is constructed with weather-resistant, lightweight, and durable materials.  Each Type-I Drome package includes stacked wall boards, four foot fencing, and wind braces on each end.  Single height boards for the sides are standard.

Stratadrome wall boards are 7 feet long which are anchored by base stands made of recycled rubber tires.  Stratadrome Type-I Deluxe-Drome is 180' x 80' and stores in a 8' x 4' x 7' area. Two people can set-up a Type-I Deluxe-Drome in about 40 minutes and breaks down in the same amount of time.  The Type-I Deluxe-Drome will fit in the back of a pick-up truck with side racks and weighs approximately 1,200 lb.

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