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hockey rink, soccer arena, lacrosse arena

Stratadrome's Type-II Dromes are designed for arena style soccer, inline hockey, ice hockey, and lacrosse.   As with all of our systems, the Type-II Drome can be used indoors or out and on any surface. The Type-II Drome comes in three standard sizes:

  • Small (100'x50' shown)

  • Full (150'x75')

  • Deluxe (180'x80')

The soccer outfitted Type-II Dromes are constructed of all the same weather resistant materials as our Inline Hockey Dromes but have goals and goal top fences.  The goals and 2' goal top fencing are standard with each soccer system.  

The Type-II Dromes have double stacked walls and our standard 4' fencing except for one "step over" opening on either side of the system.

The Type-II Dromes set up in 30-60 minutes with just three or four people and without tools.


Due to the design of Stratadrome Arenas, special orders are no problem!


outdoor hockey rink
indoor soccer arena
soccer rink
soccer rink
soccer rink
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