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Stratadrome Driveway Dromes are an affordable backstop wall system designed for home use.  The Driveway System is incredibly fast and easy to set up and take down, even for kids!  Driveway Dromes are also made with the same parts as our full sized systems so they can be easily added to at any time.

Type-I Dromes are constructed with weather resistant, lightweight and durable materials.  Each Type-I Drome package includes stacked wall boards, four foot fencing and wind braces on each end, and single height boards for the sides as standard equipment.

Type-II Dromes can be used indoors or out and on any surface.  The Type-II Drome comes in three standard sizes: Small (100'x50' shown), Full (150'x75') and Deluxe (180'x80'). The Soccer outfitted Type-II Dromes are constructed of all the same weather resistant materials as our other Dromes.

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